Clinical Training



Surgeon Training

Surgeon training is an imperative part of Women’s Health Initiative as we believe that it is through the collaboration of surgeons that we can make a true difference. Women’s Health Initiative encourages and provides opportunities for surgeon training and education, and furthermore requires the training of local physicians by participating surgeons. Experienced surgeons joining the initiative will find the opportunity to share their knowledge with new surgeons, making a difference in the medical community and in the lives of women worldwide.

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Patient Education 

We believe that health education is a patient’s first step to recovery. Although urinary incontinence is a common problem among women and can seriously affect their quality of life, more than half of women report no discomfort with the disorder and most do not seek out medical help. Understanding the dire need of awareness, Women’s Health Initiative provides accessible and easy to understand patient education material to educate patients and their loved ones about stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.


Patient Registry

Caldera Medical and Women’s Health Initiative work together to gain additional feedback from doctors and patients. Women’s Health Initiative believes that continuous product improvement is an integral part to patients’ outcome success and a patient registry has been set up as the first step to gaining new insights about patient outcomes. Women’s Health Initiative believes this new communication tool will capture valuable information to monitor patients’ health trends, which will ultimately allow Caldera Medical to improve surgical implants for even better patient outcomes.

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